Environmental impact

At Markel, we have a long-term view. We care deeply about the future, and how our actions today effect our world tomorrow.

Please explore how Markel approaches sustainability below.

  • Markel offices in LEED certified buildings
    • 2 certified Gold
    • 8 certified Silver

  • 15 Markel offices are ENERGY STAR labeled
  • 2018 recycling program – 217,372 pounds of paper recycled
    • 157,311 pounds of CO2 emissions avoided
    • 543 cubic yards of landfill space conserved
    • 2,979,192 gallons of water saved
    • 245,630 kilowatt hours of electricity saved

  • Single-use plastic banned in London office

  • Styrofoam cups replaced with reusable cups at Markel’s headquarters

  • Grounds to Grow On” – US K-cup recycling program launched in 2018

  • Global printer replacement in 2018 – reduced wasteful printing organizationally
    • Implementing and upgrading video conference capabilities
    • Work from home option

    Environmental impact